Jaino Nail Spa

Acrylic Nail Enhancements

Full Set : £33

Pink ‘n’ White/coloured/Rockstar Acrylic Enhancements

Full Set : £38  

Acrylic Overlays


Sculptured  Acrylic Enhancements


Infills £22

Rebalance (Pink ‘n’ white/rockstar)  £25

If you would like Gelish polish, instead of normal polish on your Nail enhancements, please add £6 to above prices

Single Nail Repair £3

Enhancement removal and Manicure £28

Enhancement removal and New set £45

File and Polish £11

Express Manicure £15 (Cuticle work, file and polish)

French Express Manicure £18

Manicure  £22  (Soak, cuticle work, massage, file and polish)

Deluxe Paraffin Manicure  £32 (Champagne soak, exfoliate, cuticle work, paraffin mask, heated mitts, massage, file and polish)

Gelish Manicure 



French Gelish Manicure


Gelish removal £10 (free if having Gelish replaced)

Nail art

Basic design (spots/stripes etc)  50p per nail/ £2.50 all nails

 (2 Accent nails free with full set acrylic/gelish)

Medium  difficulty design £1 per Nail/£5 for all nails

Intricate design (Rockstar/Mr Kipling/Snakeskin etc) £2 per  nail/£10 for all nails

Swarovski Crystal  £3 per nail/£25 for all nails


File and polish £ 10

Sculptured Toe Nail Enhancements £27

Pedicure £20

Gelish/Minx  Pedicure £26

Gelish Pedicure with Hard skin removal £31

Rockstar Pedicure £30

Foot Therapy Deluxe £35

(Revitalising soak, Exfoliate, Paraffin Mask, massage, cuticle work, file and polish)

Microdermabrasion Pedicure £35

Swarovski Pedicure £45


Unit 1, rear of 122 Cricklade Road, Gorsehill.  Swindon  SN2 8AG     jainonailandbeauty@hotmail.co.uk